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We very excited to share this amazing interview featuring Award Winning Filmmakers Guy Pigden & Harley Neville, the creators of “A Survived a Zombie Holocaust” and “Older”.

Strongly recommend every actors and filmmaker to watch it!



Guy and Harley share great stories including of how they started making films early on as teenagers when Guy brought his first camera with his milk money. They also share inspiring moments about the challenges they had and how they overcame them.

Series Hosted by Shailla Quadra.

UNSTOPPABLE CREATORS Series goal is to bring inspiring stories from dedicated filmmakers to inspire and help all artists out there in the world, showing that everything is possible when you commit to it and go for it.

Watch as many times as you want!

Enjoy, like & share specially with your artist friends, I’m sure they will appreciate it.

Check out more of Guy & Harley’s work at:
“I Survived a Zombie Holocaust” Imdb page credits:
“Older” Imdb page credits:

Thanks again Guy and Harley for squeezing in a last minute interview just before flying back to NZ after your fast busy stay in Sydney attending the “A Night oh Horror International Film Festival” events & celebrations for “I Survived a Zombie Holocaust”!


Thank you!