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LOVE SOCKS World Premiere at the NYCIFF 2015 Screening Time Announcement

LOVE SOCKS World Premiere at the NYCIFF 2015 Screening Time Announcement

The screening time and location for the world premiere of “LOVE SOCKS” at the New York City International Film Festival 2015 has been announced.

LOVE SOCKS Screening Date:

Monday, May 4th 2015

LOVE SOCKS Screening Time:

8:00 PM

LOVE SOCKS Screening Location Venue Name:

Anthology Archive Theatre

LOVE SOCKS Screening Location Address:

32 2nd Avenue, New York, NY 10003 United States

Google Map:

LOVE SOCKS Screening – Tickets Prices:


LOVE SOCKS Screening – Buy Advance Tickets Online Now before they get sold out:

Looking forward to seeing you all there to celebrate this very anticipated premiere.

Watch Trailer:


“LOVE SOCKS is a heart-warming story about love, family, friends and body function anomalies!

It’s a romantic comedy that follows the story of Frederica. As a child she is diagnosed with a phenomenon known as Raynaud’s, which means she will sneeze forever. Frederica discovers her only respite from this affliction is to wear socks. The film exposes the heartaches that ensue when she loses her socks and how her insecurities affect and jeopardize her relationships.

Ultimately, LOVE SOCKS is about letting go of our fears, those inner voices holding us back from opportunities and embracing life and happiness.

The film stars a stellar Australian cast, including Michele Mattiuzzi (Home & Away), Shailla Quadra (Brad Fitt Will Be Mine), Natalie Rose (The Makeover), Khanh Trieu (Fat Pizza), Olga Markovic (Deadly Woman), Amber Gokken (Gabriel), and many more!

Cinematography by Jack Kelly (Other World) and Marc Stimson (LARP), and a beautiful international soundtrack with some of the best voices from Australia & Brazil, including Snez, Sally Street, Daniel Fontes, Mano Tales, DJ Doido and many more!

Written, Produced and Directed by Shailla Quadra.

LOVE SOCKS is partly based on true events.”

Complete Credits and behind the scenes photos at Official website:

love socks movie poster by shailla

Thank you so much for the amazing support from everybody who helped to bring LOVE SOCKS to life.

It has been a series of miracles to make everything happen.

Thank you!!!

By Shailla